Daily Record: Stacey Trien named to the Power 20 List for Labor and Employment Attorneys

May 3, 2022

Stacey Trien


Partner Stacey Trien is among the 2022 Power 20 List for Labor and Employment Attorneys.

The labor and employment attorneys on this list help companies navigate countless employment challenges that can present difficulties even in the best of times. The last two years have been far from the best of times as COVID-19 has led to endlessly changing rules for employers of all sizes and in all industries. With barrages of updates at the federal, state and local levels, these attorneys had to provide new guidance to their clients constantly — sometimes multiple times in the same day. And while they were scrambling to stay abreast of the rules their clients had to follow, they were also adapting to new rules they had to follow in the practice of law.

Read Stacey’s Q&A here.



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