What Creates Success for Working Parents? Flexibility!

July 7, 2022

Erin Casey is a litigator specializing in business and employment disputes with Adams Leclair LLP. She has found success and achieved professional goals while raising a family and working remotely. There are many working parents still trying to find this balance, but for Casey, flexibility is really the key.

Casey accepted her position with the Rochester-based law firm in 2019. The partners offered her the ability to work non-traditional hours remotely and stay in the Albany area to raise her family. The Yale Law School graduate was already established in the capital region and had built her own network of clients. She wielded influence among government agencies and had practiced for corporate and non-profit organizations.  Her skills and experience melded perfectly with the law firm and its goal to expand the client base across New York State.

Casey found her work arrangement very supportive for professional advancement and personal fulfillment. She appreciated the firm’s flexibility. However, when the pandemic struck, it became apparent that the strategy needed tweaking.

Read how the firm adjusted to bring balance to Casey’s work/life challenges:

You and the partners at Adams Leclair decided to establish a satellite office in Albany. Explain the assets that come with this arrangement for the firm and your family.

Prior to the pandemic, I worked primarily from home. However, once my children started remote school, I needed a separate space in order to work. I’ve since found that having dedicated space to work outside my house allows me to focus more fully on my work. Because AL handles cases throughout NY state, having an Albany office is also convenient for visiting colleagues. I hope to grow AL’s practice in the Albany market over time.

Describe how your part-time status has made a difference with your career and with your family?

As a working parent, I have had various part-time arrangements with different employers for the past 15 years. My status with AL allows me to have flexibility to attend to my family’s needs and schedules, without having to sacrifice work opportunities. Of course, it requires a fair amount of juggling, but the tradeoff for me has been worth it. I’ve found that as long as I communicate my availability, I am generally able to adjust my work schedule in a way that allows me to also attend school events, drive kids to activities, and take time at home when I need to.

What can you say about flexibility in terms of the legal industry and your career at Adams Leclair?

Flexibility and litigation are not normally terms that get used together, but I’ve found litigation to be a fulfilling career, even on a less than full-time basis. I think at the right firm it is possible to have some control over your time. At AL there is a real team mentality towards our clients and our cases. My schedule means that sometimes I need assistance from another lawyer to cover a hearing or deal with a filing, but we all need that help at one time or another, for a wide range of reasons. We are small enough to be somewhat familiar with each other’s practice and active matters, but we have the resources to help each other when help is needed.


Casey uses technology effectively to be part of the team and contribute to meetings virtually. Right now, she is the only associate working outside the Rochester area, Despite being four hours from the firm’s headquarters, partner Paul Leclair finds Casey to be very productive, on her own.

“Erin is a real pro and has terrific judgement,” remarked Leclair. “Clients get comfortable working with her, very quickly. She is a huge asset to the firm.”

Adams Leclair is in the midst of expanding and expects to add associates and support staff accordingly. The firm will continue offering flexible work schedules to not only allow associates and partners to achieve personal goals but provide excellent service to the firm’s clients as well. You can find more information on open positions on our career page.

Erin Casey, working parents

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