Steven Cole Named to the Power 20 Litigation List

December 23, 2021

Power 20 Litigation List

From author Ben Jacobs with the Western New York Daily Record:

The Power 20 Litigation list includes lawyers who have spent much of their career working as litigators.

The people on this list help their clients resolve complex legal matters that often have dire consequences for their financial well-being, whether the client is a business or an individual. These attorneys have also advocated for their clients during a time of unprecedented disruption due to the COVID-19 pandemic. They have had to navigate new rules from federal and state government and the court system and have had to embrace new ways of practicing law.

Click here to see the full Power 20 Litigation List.

Click here to read Steven Cole’s interview.

Steve Cole is a founding partner of Adams Leclair LLP and serves as the firm’s Managing Partner.

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