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Robert Yawman

March 11, 2021

The Gateway to Arbitration: Does a Court or an Arbitrator Decide Whether the Parties Have Agreed to Arbitrate a Particular Issue?

by Robert Yawman

Contracts commonly contain arbitration provisions requiring the parties to have a private arbitrator decide their dispute instead of the courts. But what happens if the parties do not agree that…

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February 21, 2021

Litigation Hold Notice – How do I Locate and Preserve Electronically Stored Information (“ESI”) Relevant to a Legal Dispute?

by Adams Leclair

You may receive a litigation hold notice if you or your company have documents related to a legal dispute that is or may become the subject of a lawsuit. A litigation…

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Erin Casey

January 26, 2021

Can an Insurance Company Recover Defense Costs from its Insured?

by Erin Casey

In 2018, the New York Court of Appeals issued a landmark insurance law decision in Keyspan Gas East Corp v. Munich Reins. Am., Inc., et al, 31 NY3d 51 (2018), holding that…

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Steven Cole

January 13, 2021

Planning for Business Succession and Avoiding Disputes: A Litigator’s Perspective on the Practical Impact of Contractual Buy-out Provisions

by Steven Cole

Buy-out provisions allow business owners to seek to reduce the disruption and uncertainty of future changes in ownership in shareholder, operating, or partnership agreements. Owners of businesses may eventually become…

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Stacey Trien

December 16, 2020

Can Employers Require Employees to Take the COVID Vaccine?

by Stacey Trien

As the first vials of vaccines are starting to be distributed, employers are asking whether they can or should require employees to take the COVID vaccine when it becomes available….

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Anthony Adams

October 23, 2020

Subcontractor or Employee? Misclassification Under the Construction Industry Fair Play Act

by Anthony Adams

Subcontracting is fundamental to the construction industry. Few if any general contractors self-perform (with their own employees) all the work necessary to construct a building, a road or a bridge….

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